Banarasi silks are one of the finest customary textiles which have made an incredible expedition from the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. This type of silk holds the superior feature made out of the highly polished yarns. The banarasi handloom semi silk sarees are the precious pieces of the treasury in a women’s wardrobe. This spellbinding silk has flourished a fashion sensation around the globe and has marked itself into the rank of the classics.“Nishalika” brings to you its vast range of pure banarasi semi silk sarees.

Banaras sarees have always been in vogue, irrespective of new trends in the saree segment. The Semi silk Banarasi sarees are exclusive and captivating, notwithstanding a rush of traditional silks in different states across the country. The Banarasi and semi silk Banarasi Sarees have always stood out on its own as a unique fabric of traditional excellence. They come in different colors with big and small borders.

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