A favorite amongst royalty from the kingdom of Mysore, these exquisite sarees are hand-woven from mulberry silk and are renowned for their extraordinary sheen, purity of zari work, and lightweight fabric. The beautiful interplay of colors and patterns is what sets them apart, making them a timeless classic.

With a history spanning more than two centuries, the Mysore silk sarees are a sight to behold. Exclusive to the State of Karnataka in India, the subtlety of the Mysore silk saree is evident in its lightly designed body and zari has woven simple borders. The crepe variety of Mysore silk is the most desirable one for its wavy and crimp appearance. The blouses are modeled to aptly complement the ensemble. The lustrous fabric is not just impressive in its looks but also gossamer-soft to touch. The rustle of the pleats and the flashes of gold in the pallu are ethereal. It glides like a gentle river flowing around the ledges and mounds in a tranquil melody. Once exclusively crafted for the Mysore royalty, the Mysore silk sarees are now at your beck and call.

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