Paithani sarees are named after the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the most luxuriant of saree styles and is a top choice amongst Indian women for various festive gatherings. It is made from the finest silk and also consists of golden and silver thread work of the most intricate nature. A special weaving technique using threads of two different colors produces a trademark kaleidoscope effect that is most sought after in Paithani sarees. A simple change to your wardrobe can turn your whole day around – get your style fixes with the Paithani sarees online range on Nishalika without delay!

We offer you a wide range of Paithani Pure Silk Sarees with peacock designs, kaleidoscope-colored designs, and other designs that are more popular among women who love to wear these sarees for their traditional values. The unique weaving technique where threads of one color are weaved lengthwise and threads of another color are weaved breadthwise gives a unique kaleidoscopic appearance to these sarees. In our collection, you can discover unique Paithani Sarees that are delicately handwoven by Indian artisans who have deep roots in the traditions of making Paithani Silk Sarees.

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