Nauvari saree is a 9-yard saree worn by the women of Maharashtra. Even its name is originated from the word ‘Nauvari’, which means 9-yards. From starting, the draping styles of this saree have been evolved from traditional style to modern style. Now it can give an appearance of the trouser-dress.

Getting a perfect saree is every woman’s dream. They desire to get a saree that can be worn on every occasion without even looking weird. So now, you don’t have to think too much as we have an amazing collection of Nauvari sarees. These Maharashtrian sarees look perfect at every occasion. It has a heavy effect on itself and can be draped in many ways. You will fall in love with its comfort and visual beauty. Its bright colors will make you adore it. So don’t think too much and explore the beautiful and traditional saree with our store.

Nauvari saree is perfect for any function as these are made up of heavy silk and cotton fabric. It has a heaviness to itself, so you can prefer it for religious occasions, cultural programs, and festivals. From the four draping styles, you can choose your favorite one. Buy Nauvari 9 Yards Saree for Ganpati Festival Online at best prices from Nishalika. Shop from the latest handcrafted Semi Paithani Nauvari Sarees.

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