Uppada pattu saree is a style of saree weaving in Uppada of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. Known for their lighter drape and the eye catchy floral jamdani motifs, this saree is a specialist in every saree connoisseur’s wardrobe. Uppada Jamdani pattu sarees have a rich history of 300 years, and was woven for the ladies of the royal household. Buy Uppada Pattu sarees rediscover the aesthetics of traditional and contemporary woven designs!

Types of Uppada sarees

Uppada saris are known for the best handloom saris. There are different types of Uppada sarees-

  • Multi-Colour Uppada Saree
  • The Handmade Uppada Saree
  • Uppada Plain Saris
  • Uppada Ikat Saree
  • Uppada Pattu Silk Saree
  • Uppada Checks Saris
  • Big Border Uppada Sari
  • Simple Jamdani Uppada Saree
  • Cream And Black Uppada Cotton Saree


These Handloom Sarees are the best for all occasions. It is also for age groups. Anyone can wear Uppada saris. These saris are mostly famous in the South of India. One can get it now worldwide. It brings fresh handloom designs.

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