The Kuppadam silk cotton sarees are a single blend of silk cotton body and pure silk, zari woven border. They are the classics made by weavers in the village of Kuppadam, Andhra Pradesh. The famous feature of these sarees is that the border and body are woven separately and then joined together in korvai weaving to give you the lightness of silk cotton and shine of the silk zari border.

Nishalika women’s clothing store has kuppadam sarees in cool greens and blues, warm red, orange and yellows, hot pinks, coffee browns, neutral shades and much more. There are simple sarees with a bare minimum motif on their body as well as those with a melange of paisleys, checks and zari buttas. A plethora of color combinations and patterns allow you to select the right saree to suit your festive mood.

Find Latest Designs in Kuppadam Sarees or Kuppadam Pattu Sarees. Choose latest collections in designs in Kuppadam Sarees or Kuppada Sarees, Material for Kuppadam Sarees Silk Cotton Mixed. Our Kuppadam Sarees are Pure Handloom sarees and genuine / authentic quality.

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