Mangalgiri sarees in India derive their name from the town of Mangalgiri, in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. They are produced by fine handicraft weaving and have a history that goes back 500 years. Mangaligiri sarees are made from pure cotton yarn, gold, or silver metal thread for brocade work and synthetic dyes for the coloring process. Pitlooms are used to weave the fabric through a warp and woof interlacing technique. The Nizam design is also a typical quality of the Mangalgiri saree design. Mangalgiri cotton sarees Nizam design borders with golden thread and plain body are the main characteristics of the fabric.

Mangalagiri sarees are woven from pure cotton. They are very popular for their fine and unique designs. The sari is woven super finely in vibrant colors giving a crisp finish. Mangalgiri cotton sarees sit pretty on women of all figures, ages, and personalities. Not only are they breathable and durable, but their inimitable design and unmatched beauty also make them a top draw for everyone who is looking for an ethnic drape that both looks good as well as fits their budget.

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